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BeMeBlackBox review by dirt4dinner

I had the pleasure to be a beta tester for this app, and received it free of charge direct from the developer.

I have been running the program for the past couple days in my car while travelling to work, and running errands around town. I have used the app for about 7 hours total.

This app is terrific, it is perfectly stable, has not force closed, or had a single issue. The menu options are easy to navigate, the help page is terrific and the app works exactly as described.

I didn't necessarily buy this program for the event of a crash, I was more attracted to the ability to manually activate the recording. I have seen more than a few drunk drivers running around the freeways of the Phoenix area and have called the police everytime! This app would allow to me to further assist law enforcement by being able to record the dangerous driving acts while not having to take my eyes off the road. When I am not using for that, it's still there to record an accident if that were to happen.

The G-Force trigger works like a charm, I have done some research on what the G-Forces are in a minor fender bender, and I moved the G-Force trigger from the default 10 to 8 to catch even a small accident.

The app is not quite as useful at night, but that is only due to the limits of the phone's camera. It works ok on well lit streets, and at well lit intersections.

In a nutshell:
Equipment- I have a G1 running a stock Cyanogen ROM on the 1.6 firmware. I used a Bracketron Suction Cup mount with an iGo retractable charger both from Radio Shack. The car...not that it matters is a 2003 MINI Cooper

Pros- Easy to use, zero bugs, zero force closes, easy to navigate, app runs itself once setup (which only takes a few seconds), could save you legal trouble if you need to to prove the facts in an accident! The uploading to YouTube is a snap as well! Substantially cheaper than a dash cam!

Cons- The only cons are not the apps fault, but more the limitations of the camera...which aren't that bad unless it's dark outside.

Improvements- I would like to see a speedomoter incorperated into the app, and even better it would be great if that speed and the G-Force could be time stamped onto the footage.