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Bloody Truck Bloody Truck v1.1

Once in America.
On Thanksgiving Day a trucker Jacob Smith was abandoned by his wife Emily.

Cars HD2 Cars HD2 v1.2.1

Only cars and only the best

Confession Of Love Confession Of Love v1.1.0

Is it difficult to confess your love? No, it’s as easy as pie and besides, it can be up to date.
There’s nothing better than a present made with your own hands. With the help of our application you’ll have a chance to send a postcard created by yourself. Think up a composition (design) and just sign it. It’s going to be the best love confession.
The application lets you send the message to any of the social networks using your account.

Genie Genie v1.0.1

The answer to your question here!
The main thing to believe!
Merry search engine

KHL Standings KHL Standings v1.2.1

The results of the Continental Hockey League games

Plastic Bubbles Plastic Bubbles v1.2.6

"Plastic Bubbles" as close to reality simulation of packaging material.
Very comical!! Especially when you know that you can run into a tack!!
Excellent tool distraction.

Pocket Voodoo Pocket Voodoo v1.0.2

A Voodoo Doll, used in the Voodoo religion, represents the spirit of a specific person as a result of a special ritual. After the ceremony, the owner has an opportunity to influence the person in accordance with his wishes and desires, using a Voodoo doll as a mediator. The application will help you to master witchcraft skills

SimplyCrush SimplyCrush v2.0.0

All you bored? Discharged. Destroy them all. They are very much, very much! They are everywhere.

Sneck&Yoggy Sneck&Yoggy v1.0.3

Lively and colourful arcade. With nice music. The composer is
Vadim Brunell.

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