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Mapping applications, open GL, DirectX, graphic design and video production

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InfoFixLite InfoFixLite v2.2


*Scroll to anywhere in the world and download tweets from that location to a map (please note they are geo-accurate to the range selected unless otherwise specified)
*find the address and weather conditions by pressing and holding on the map
**Login to your twitter account to communicate with other twitter users from all over the world
**Translate to English button translates tweets in foreign language

InfoFixPro InfoFixPro v2.2

Use this mapping application to see local news, tweets, real estate listings and so much more. See what’s around you or scroll to anywhere on the map and download the tweets that interest you. Press and hold anywhere on the map for a detailed weather forecast or on a specific address to get info like the names and phone numbers registered at that address.

TweetFix TweetFix v1.2

Download tweets from anywhere in the world onto a map with this unique twitter client. Get up to three miles of tweets at a time and translate them into English! This amazing app lets you find out what's happening all over the world!

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