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BatteryApp BatteryApp v1.0

Battery app that triggers alarm and also pushes notification when ur battery is fully charged or when it is about to die out!

Fake SMS App Fake SMS App v1.0

Send and receive Fake SMS without spending a single penny and others will think you actually received the SMS or you are in a conversation.

FakeMyLogs FakeMyLogs v1.0

Add any fake call to your Call Logs. You get to choose the date and time along with the call duration. You can either put the number number as missed, received or dialed.

SMSInboxSpeaker SMSInboxSpeaker v1.0

If you don't have your reading glasses or if reading is a problem in the dark then this app will read it out for you! You can hear the received messages present in your inbox by selecting that particular message.

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