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DEX DEX v4.1

DEX for Android is an online and offline Romanian explanatory dictionary - Dictionar Explicativ Roman - (

User Dictionary Manager (UDM) User Dictionary Manager (UDM) v3.1

User Dictionary Manager (UDM) allows you to edit/export/import/delete/clean the user dictionary words on your Android phone.

WARNING: UDM does NOT work on some HTC phones because they have nonstandard Android implementation.

HTC Tatoo - does NOT work
HTC Hero - does NOT work
HTC Sense - does NOT work
HTC Eris - does NOT work
HTC Desire - does NOT work
HTC with custom root - probably NOT

Nexus One - DOES work
G1 - DOES work

Includes a built in list of approx 2000 most used words/expressions in the Romanian language.

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