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9 Total 9 Total v1

★★★ 9Total (Nine Total) is the first and unique number puzzle game based on the CUMULATIVE TOTAL of number. Learn it in 2 minutes and play for hours ★★★

Guide the Line Guide the Line v1

Guide the LINE without hitting the Borders & Obstacles. Sounds Simple? but, It isn't. Have sheet fun..

Monsters Jump Monsters Jump v1

Monsters Jump is an addictive Jumping game...
this is one of the unique and addictive Jumping games...

One Ohm One Ohm v1

Achieve the Equivalent Resistance of the Given Resistor Network to "1Ω"

Puzzle2Puzzle Puzzle2Puzzle v1.2

Do you know Addition of three simple numbers can tease your brain?
Challenge your brain with this simple&unique Number Puzzle Game.

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