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Max Volume 4 Kids Max Volume 4 Kids v1.1

"Max Volume 4 Kids" is a simple application to limit the volume level that kids can use, avoiding your headache and lowering your blood pressure :)

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MissPush MissPush v1.1

MissPush is a simple application that forwards your missed calls and SMSs to your a 2nd android device like another phone or tablet. The app provides you with full information about who called you and when, including the contents of their SMS--right on your Android.

MyFBAlbums v2.9 MyFBAlbums v2.9 v2.9

MyFBAlbums Plus is a simple application that will let you download your Facebook albums to your Android device and make them available offline to view at anytime from your photo's gallery.

NetBurst NetBurst v2.1

NetBurst is a simple widget to enable WiFi and/or 3G for a predefined amount of time then turns it off automatically after said time preset. This is really helpful when you just want to get the latest instant messages or weather updates without going through turning WiFi/3G on/off manually.

The main advantages of this widget are convenience and saving battery life.

Push to JDownloader Push to JDownloader v1.1

This is a basic support application for JDownloader , where you can push links from your Android phone/tablet to your JDownloader server (with JD Remote Control plugin).

SMS Quarintine SMS Quarintine v1.6

This app will give you piece of mind by blocking spam SMS messages

Volume to Next Track Volume to Next Track v1.3

A background service that will enable the user to use the volume up/down keys to skip to next/previous track when the screen is off. This is very useful when listening to music on the phone/tablet and having some control without switching on the phone.

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