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Android, HTML5, CSS, PHP, modeling, reading, fantasy, computer games

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Amazing Memory Amazing Memory v1.0

Amazing Memory The Game is a game your kids will love.

Match pictures with each other to remove them from the screen. Two game modes available and more on the way.

Available game modes:
- Free play - play with random pictures
- Timed challange - race against the clock to get the best score. Each cleared level will decrease the timer. How far can you go and how many points can you get?

Amazing XRay Scanner Amazing XRay Scanner v1.0.1

Amazing XRay Scanner Display Prank App.

Use your phone to fool your friends into thinking your mobile has XRAY scanner build in. Select a picture of a body part and move it as you would scan by slightly tilting. With a bit of practice you will be able to watch your friends amazment.

Share the laughs and enjoy the fun this app is supposed to bring. To spice things up use the alien head image and turn your friends into an alien.

App that will live up any party!

Classic Pong Classic Pong v1.1

One of the oldest classic games can still be entertaining. Some might say it's gameplay is better than in the new games like Call of Duty or Crysis. May I introduce - PONG!

CtrAltDel Online Web Comic CtrAltDel Online Web Comic v1.0.1

Ctrl Alt Del (CAD) comic viewer is a fan app enabling browsing online comic from

Get all of the comics in one place - easy to access - easy to browse. Keep track of your progress and keep a lookout for new comics.

With this app you can watch it on the bus, on your way to work, while waiting in line - anywhere you want.

Im Working Im Working v1.1

Now with I'm Working Faker you'll no longer will have to click your mouse aimlessly or just punch random keys on your keyboard. Just turn it on and the sounds of work will fill your cubicle.

Take a nap and it will still look like you are working. Many sounds to choose from - turn off those you don't like or normaly make.

Fool your boss with this prank application or pull a joke on your co-workers. It will not make you more efficient but you might have some fun with it.

Quick Scaler Pro Quick Scaler Pro v1.0

Quick Scaler Pro is a free scaling app that allows you to quickly convert various measurements of various units. It is designed for model makers and model owners. It works on the fly so there is no need for manual scaling process initiation - it scales as you type in.

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