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123 123 v1.0

challenge your visual memory!

4 in a row 4 in a row v1.0

four in a row a classic puzzle game with strong AI.

Aeroplane Chess Aeroplane Chess v1.2.0

A very popular board game, similar to the western game of Ludo.

Balloon Burst Balloon Burst v1.0

Balloon Burst is an amazing and addictive puzzle game.

Beat Birds Beat Birds v1.0

you can not stopping pop the birds.

Cat Fishing Cat Fishing v1.1.1

Cat fishing an addictive casual game.
Your task is to help the cat get as much fish as you can.
It's not so easy for fishing these day as the environment become worse.
The sea is full of garbage and dangerous bombs.

How to play:
Touch the screen to help your cat move the boat left or right.
Hold to drop the hook down and release to pull up.
Hauling as many fish as you can.
Don't hook the sexy garbage and be careful of the bombs!

Chinese Checkers Chinese Checkers v1.0

Chinese Checkers (US and Canadian spelling) or Chinese chequers (UK spelling) is a strategy board game with enhanced A.I.

Evil Bee Evil Bee v1.0

Evil Bee is an amazing shooting game.Your goal is to destroy all the bees.
The evil bees are so smart that they make different queue in each level,and attack your fighter through elegant curve path.
With the advance of level, the bees will be more and more crazy and the weapon of your fighter will be become more violent.
30 levels available.

How to play
move your fighter left or right by sliding on the screen or using accelerometer.

Frog Trap Frog Trap v1.0

can you catch the frog?

happy skewer happy skewer v1.0

Happy Skewer is an addictive puzzle game.

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