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Dices Pro Ultra Dices Pro Ultra v1.0.3

Free dices app - play any game that requires up to 10 dices. A coin (heads or tails) is included.
This app is absolutely silent - you can play quietly and not bother anybody around you.

Shooter Smasher Shooter Smasher v1.3.8

Hungry and angry alien zombie mutant bugs, and their droids, are trying to eat your fruits. Defend and protect EVERY fruit at all costs!!!

Smash them ! Burn them ! Shoot 'em !

Sleepy Noises Sleepy Noises v1.0.4

This app may help your baby to get asleep faster. This app may help your baby to sleep better. Choose one of 4 sleepy sounds - rain, water, brown noise or white noise, or mix them together. Free and simple to use.

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