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Android Time Tracker Android Time Tracker v1.3

Android Time Tracker 2.0 (ATT) Is your precious time companion.

With ATT you can track all yours activities. ATT is very useful for people who need to track yours every days activities . How much time you spent on work, gym, travel,play. Generating PDF reports.
Tested:Android Os 1.6-2.2.

Apps is free and those permissions are needed for advertise.

EU Anthems EU Anthems v2.5

EU National Anthems is little android application which consists of 27 European Union National Anthems midi sound of anthems and English translation of anthems lyrics.

The Numbers The Numbers v1.0

The simplest counting game ever 'The Numbers'
Game goal is to count as much as you can. There are numbers intervals for example:
Easy: Counting start from 2 so next will be 3 , 4, 5,6 ..
When you finish clicking all numbers then you go to next level where counting goes multiple by 2 as 2,4,6,8,10 etc. and so on.
If you think you can really count , then you can choose Hard level counting start at 38 ,57,76 adding 19 to previous number.
Tested on android os 1.6-2.2 need higher resolution.

Who am I Who am I v1.9

This is little android application made for fun . You need to make guess who is a person on the picture .
The game catch is to make much more guess in selected time period 30,60, seconds.
Fixed some bugs and tested for all android OS versions 1.6-2.2.
Get full version:

Who am I 3 Who am I 3 v4

"WHO AM I 3 FOR FREE" this is our new version of very popular quiz game where you need to guess who is a person on caricature ...
The first game "Who am I " was downloaded more than 7 000 time for a 30 days.
This new version had much more caricatures and better graphics ...
Tested on Android OS 1.6-2.2 !

World Anthems World Anthems v1.9

World National Anthems FREE is our new application which is the most comprehensive Android applications on the market in terms of content-type of world anthems. It consists 219 worlds anthems with flags,midi melodies, text on local languages & English.

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