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Commuter Hero Commuter Hero v1.0.7

Commuter Hero will automatically tell you which route you should take to go home or work. Highway or Local? How many traffic incidents are affecting my commute today? Commuter Hero is also a social traffic game. Think there’s a better way to get home or work? Show us! You earn points for avoiding traffic incidents, earn points to show you own the city! Note: Always obey local traffic regulations and drive safely. Traffic information may not be available in some areas.

Pin 'n Find - Car Finder Pin 'n Find - Car Finder v1.5

With Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder, you won’t have to remember where you parked your car. It's works like a GPS that locates your car. In addition, if your car is equipped with a factory or aftermarket hands-free Bluetooth device, this app will automatically remember where you parked when you leave your vehicle!

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