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ArnBB Design
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Android Studio, Java, MIT Appinventor, CoronaSDK, Phyton, LUA
games and app development, 3d Design and visualization, music

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Space Shooter WT U Space Shooter WT U v1.0.3

Space Shooter WT Unlimited is a space shooter arcade type game which is the unlimited version of Space Shooter Wormhole Traveller previously released free to play with ads.

SS Wormhole Traveller SS Wormhole Traveller v1.1.3

Imagine you're assigned on a mission to travel to the Alpha Centauri star system to reinforce Earths multinational space fleet on a rescue mission. Your journey starts from Earth and midway to a wormhole in the Kuiper belt in between Neptune and Pluto. On your way, you will encounter and fight hostile alien forces and you need to access a series of wormholes to speed up your travel. Start your journey. Play the game and uncover it's secrets!

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