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Analyze This (Free) Analyze This (Free) v2.0.6

Analyze your chess game with the power of two Chess Engines!
Stockfish and Critter are two of the strongest open source Chess engines for Android.

Chess Book Study (Free) Chess Book Study (Free) v2.1.1

The most effective way to study a Chess book is to move the pieces around on a board, and this is exactly what this app helps you achieve.
Open a Chess ebook and a board in the same screen.
Don't just read your book; study it the right way!

Ideal for Large screen phones and Tablets.

EBookDroid (Chess Book Study) EBookDroid (Chess Book Study) v1.5.6.6

This is a companion app for 'Chess Book Study' app. This app cannot be launched on its own. Please install Chess Book Study

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