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Currency-Converter Currency-Converter v1.0

I think is the best conversion tool for everyone

* Live update from Yahoo service

* Currencies flags

* It's free with no ads.

iCalculators iCalculators v1.0

iCalculators is an ultimate collection of tools(calculators) that makes our lives easier.




Numeral System Calculator

Tip Calculator

QEquation QEquation v1.1

The reason I made this application is simple to solve a quadratic equation.
The best of all it's free.

Scientific-Calculator Scientific-Calculator v1.0

Scientific Calculator includes the following features:
* Traditional algebraic or RPN operation
* Result history
* Math Functions
* Percentages
* Binary, octal, and hexadecimal conversion
* Large input/output display

I believe it is the best tool for everone get it it's free.

Shake-Scientific-Calculator Shake-Scientific-Calculator v1.2

Shake Scientific Calculator includes the following features:
* Traditional algebraic or RPN operation
* Result history
* Math Functions(sin,cos,tan,etc)
* Percentages
* Binary, octal, and hexadecimal
* Large input/output display
* You can rotate your phone to see the answer
* Better error handling

Spring-Weather Spring-Weather v1.0

Enter any city in the world and see the weather.
I built this little application with the following programming
tools for Android
1) Google Weather API
2) Spring for Android
I think is very useful tool for everyone and it's free.

Technical-Calculator Technical-Calculator v1.1

A excellent tool for all the technicians . You make fast a lot of calculations you gain time and more money. Get it now with only $0.50
* Calculate Voltage Drop in Single phase and 3 phase systems.Choose the correct size cable.
* Calculate True, Apparent and Reactive power.
* Calculate Power Factor (Cosφ).
* Calculate Power Factor correction.
* Calculate how many BTUs you need to cool your room.
* Ability to change language

TipCalculator TipCalculator v1.0

* Calculate tips and split bills quickly & easily with Tip Calculator!

* Calculate tip and split the bill with Tip Calculator - the ultimate tip calculator!

* This tip calculator not only calculates tip quickly and easily but also helps to split the bill between any number of people.

* Specify your own custom tip percent

* Enter a value on the tip calculator and see changes to the tip percentage, tip amount, total amount and

amount payable per person.

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