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Angry Prophets Angry Prophets v2.1

Time for Angry Prophets ! A challenging and entertaining game with over 1500 free levels ! You can also join the thousands of Prophet`s followers on Facebook and Twitter

Christ Jump! Christ Jump! v1.5

Hallelujah!Jump with Jesus Christ to the Heavens avoiding the devil! An entertaining doodle jump style game for both Christians and non Christians of all ages.

Doodle Blink Doodle Blink v1.3

Challenging and super addictive platform game that requires full concentration !

Election Bubble Shoot Election Bubble Shoot v1.0

The fun to the White House starts here ! An entertaining and colorful bubble shoot game featuring the two main US presidential candidates.

Fake Meows Fake Meows v1.1

Trick your cat with Fake Meows ! Fake Meows is a simple/easy app that generates sounds that cats can hear, and eventually react to.

Horror Freak Horror Freak v1.5

Test your Horror movie knowledge with our clean and easy to use quiz app !

Play my Voice Play my Voice v1.2

Speak and get an immediate feedback on how your voice sounds over the phone!

Read with Accent Read with Accent v1.1

A very handy tool for language students and tourists who want to get familiar with different accents, specially Western accents !

Santa Flash Santa Flash v1.1

The ride to Christmas starts here ! Ride with the flashing Santa Claus as long as possible without falling off the platforms.Collect presents for extra point ! ;)

Sudoku Freak Sudoku Freak v1.3

Unlock and sharpen your mind with Sudoku Freak ! An extended and improved clone of the famous opensudoku game, with 4000 puzzles plus hundreds of more that you can create and play for months to come ( possibly years ! ).

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