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• Service Oriented Architecture • Multi-threaded and Distributed Applications • Object Oriented Analysis and Design • Design Patterns • Algorithms and data structures • Programming languages: C; C++; Java; PHP; Python • Libraries and frameworks: Google Web Toolkit; JUnit; Hibernate; log4j • Markup languages: XML; HTML • Modeling languages: UML • Databases: MSSQL; MySQL • Platforms: MS-Windows, UNIX, Google AppEngine, Android
Currently interested in development of scalable location based and social applications.

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Elevation and Sea Depth Elevation and Sea Depth v3.0.3

Displays elevation and/or sea depth in direction of phone.

* 5km range
* ele. pts every 100m horizontally
* directions rounded to 15° steps
* location updates every 1km/10min
* max. 500 elevation charts per day

Tap on-screen data to set direction manually.

Hold phone on flat surface and away from ferrous metal objects and electromagnetic fields.

Request new feature here:

Escapa aka Pilot Test Escapa aka Pilot Test v1.4

Famous internet game ported to Android

Touch and hold the red square. Move it so that you neither touch the walls nor get hit by any of the blue blocks.

Qibla Compass Qibla Compass v4.0.2

Prayer times, distance and direction (pointed by the arrow) to Kaaba in Mecca. It takes the difference between magnetic and true north in consideration.

Hold phone on flat surface and away from ferrous metal objects and electromagnetic fields.

Select islamic league in app Settings.

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Signature Capture Signature Capture v7.3.1

Electronic signature capture library. Sign by touching the screen.

Start as a normal app for demo. Requires internet connection. When used from external app saves/exports up to 5 signatures per week. Check website for instructions:

For commercial purposes (like signing PDF documents etc.) contact support e-mail:

Signature Share Signature Share v2.3.2

Capture and share electronic signatures.

Sign by touching the screen. Press and hold for context menu ('View', 'Share', 'Rename', 'Delete').

Depends on digital signature capture library. You will be prompted for it's installation later on.

For unlimited signature capturing check the library instructions.

For other commercial purposes (like signing PDF documents etc.) contact support e-mail.

Time Tracker Time Tracker v3.0.1

Time tracker keeps track of the time you spend on any task. Find out where has your time gone.

Request new feature here:

VAT Calculator VAT Calculator v1.2

Calculate VAT for any country in the world.

Weather Forecast USA Weather Forecast USA v1.7.1

Displays 7-day forecast; weather watches, warnings and advisories for any location in US (Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Guam included). Location is determined via GPS or manually entered ZIP code. Forecast is obtained from NOAA web services where it is refreshed hourly.

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