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DJ Control DJ Control v2.7

Wireless MIDI controller for your favorite DJ application.

Drum Machine Drum Machine v1.4

The best Drum Machine for Android™

Hygrometer Hygrometer v1.3

Professional hygrometer on your device. Measure atmospheric relative humidity.

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells v2.5

A must-have application for the holidays! Playing Jingle Bells is easy requiring only 5 bells.

My Bass My Bass v1.6

Best virtual bass guitar simulation for Android™
Play bass guitar on your device like on a real bass guitar!

My BeatBox My BeatBox v3.3

Your personal BeatBox machine! Create automatic rhythms from recordings of your voice just like real human beatboxer. A real BeatBox maker.

My Guitar My Guitar v2.1

The best virtual guitar simulation for Android™

My Piano My Piano v3.7

The best virtual Piano for Android™

My Roulette My Roulette v2.4

Best virtual Roulette simulation in Monte Carlo royal style.

My Ukulele My Ukulele v1.6

The best virtual ukulele simulation for Android™
Play uke on your device like on a real uke!

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