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BabyTouch BabyTouch v2.1

Train first motor and visual skills of your baby with BabyTouch.
BabyTouch is simple App and suitable for babies from about a year.
Lullaby player included.

BrainQ BrainQ vV3.0

Improve your cognitive performance by regularly training your thinking.
Our selection of training games are based on the latest psychological and
neural evidence and were developed
specifically for online training.
Based on our statistics and reporting capabilities, you can control your
own mental fitness and set your own pace.
Each game will provide you with a power value, called a BrainPoint,
which helps you understand how you are developing.
BrainQ currently contains 6 games.

Bubble5 Bubble5 v1.4

Bubble5 is the well-known strategy game, 5-in-a-row with different versions for 2 players.

You can play the game in different variants.
Use bombs and wildcards, or play with time limit.

fuel book fuel book v1.8

Keep track of your gase use.

Fuel book is a simple program to record refueling operations
and to make statistical evaluation.
It is used internationally.
All units are user-definable.

It is still in the testing phase.
Hints, bug reports and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

MemoryMatch for Kids MemoryMatch for Kids v1.0

Memory Match for Kids is a great game for your little children up to 1 year.
Challenge the memory by matching the same pictures. The pictures are hidden. Need your memory to remember them!
Train first motor and visual skills your Children with Memory Match.

Quotes and Sayings Quotes and Sayings v1.2

Quotes and Sayings is a widget for your home screen and shows you practical Quotes and Sayings for the day.
The quotations are changing periodically.

SoundBokz SoundBokz v1.1

Electro Drum Box is a simple drum machine, beat box and sound board for simple musical experiments. Each pad is loaded with slanted sounds or drums. An automatic mode automatically play sounds. Develop creative so playful drum loops.

SpruchKlopfer SpruchKlopfer v2.8

So ein paar grundgelehrte Zitate zieren den ganzen Menschen (Heinrich Heine, dt. Dichter)

SpruchKlopfer ist ein Widget für deinen Screen. Er zeigt dir
täglich praktische Sprüche und Zitate.
Merke sie dir gut und wende sie in Diskussionen oder Gesprächen an. SpruchKlopfer enthält keine Sammlung aus tausenden Zitaten, sondern eine praktische Auswahl.

Das Widget muss zuerst auf den Homescreen gezogen werden, sonst sieht man nichts!!

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