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Antigravity Blocks Antigravity Blocks v1.45

Antigravity Blocks is a brand new take on the classic falling blocks puzzle.

  • Antigravity occurs on every level
  • Thunderstorms shuffle your blocks
  • Worms wonder around changing the entire board
  • Aliens invade your territory, stealing blocks
  • Pentris is also included in the game

And it is completely free.

Balego Balego v1.12

Balego is an addictive block matching game

  • Drop the cells wisely to form triplets that break
  • Use strategy: triplets clear all adjacent similar cells
  • Use the bomb and drill cells wisely as they clear larger areas
  • There are also magnets that move their adjacent cell
  • The less cells you leave, the more STARS you gain
  • On every level won, funny & smart quotes are displayed

ClickOMania ClickOMania v1.60

The classic block game clickomania now more addictive than ever.
All variations of the game are included:

  • Retro click-o-mania
  • Bombs, rocks, sliders, even halelujah bombs and switchers
  • Jewel mode (semi-infinite gameplay)
  • Many levels from easy to insane difficutly

and it is free.

Dock It Dock It v1.05

Keep your mind sharp with block game that combines strategy and luck

Friendly Password Safe Friendly Password Safe v1.04

How many usernames, passwords and pin codes do you have to remember?

With the Friendly Password Safe you can easily organize all your usernames, passwords and secret notes in one place. And, unlike most password managers that require internet, sdcard or cloud permissions, this one does not require any android permissions at all, nor it displays ads or banners

Numeric Rubik Numeric Rubik v1.23

Numeric Rubik is a challenging arithmetic puzzle.
Use finger swipes to arrange each grid of squares so that all numbers are consecutive. Beating the CPU earns you more stars and he highest score. The game is free.

Pac Bub Pac Bub v1.36

Enter the world of bubbly mazes

Race your way through various mazes, avoiding snakes, ninjas and poisonous skulls.

  • Play using finger swipes and avoid enemies as most are lethal
  • Snakes grow larger, touching their tail slows you down
  • Vitamins make you stronger
  • Some enemies and beacons produce additional bubbles
  • Use teleporters and collect all 5 stars to get the highest rating

Pac Fun Pac Fun v2.21

Pac Fun is the ultimate pacman alternative, offering dozens of levels with teleporters, snakes and smarter enemies that even shoot fire.

  • Control your hero using screen swipes
  • You can swipe anywhere, even without lifting your finger
  • Collect all keys to open the exit door
  • Once the door is open, you can either exit or obtain all gifts to win a 5-star rating
  • There are dozens of enemy types (snakes, ninjas), some smarter than you!

Paint Runner Paint Runner v1.52

Paint Runner is a fun arcade game slightly similar to pac-man, and its free.

  • Race your way through different mazes, avoiding enemies
  • Control the brush using screen swipes
  • Paint 100% of the area to win
  • If you get a bucket of paint you become super strong and can kick your enemies (for a while)
  • Some enemies leave footsteps that you have to re-paint
  • Teleporters will help you escape your enemies
  • Enemies get smarter as you play

Pin Mania Pin Mania v1.32

Pin Mania is an addictive pin shooting game where speed, timing and strategy matters. Launch all pins towards multiple rotating geometrical targets, avoiding pin collisions as you loose lives. Game includes 80 levels from easy to insane difficulty.

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