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Math Monsters Math Monsters v1.0.7

Do you still think the mathematics is difficult?
The most widely-used math formulas in practical life are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

With this game-based learning, you can speed up your mathematical calculation.
Are you bad at mental arithmetic or mathematical calculations? Improve it by playing the game!

Number Monsters Number Monsters v1.0.4

It’s fun, addictive and very simple RPG type Puzzle game.
Touch quickly from a small to big number in sequence and fight a battle with monsters.
As the player has to keep continually focused on the game, it improves your concentration.
Compete your level against people around all over the world through a ranking system!

Vat Calculator Vat Calculator v1.0.1

It helps you calculate taxes easily, such as VAT and others.

Tax rate is changeable according to the country so that you could calculate the tax just simply and easily. (VAT / GST / Consumption Tax rates)
Enter the final price that a consumer pays, then the supply value and tax amount will come out based on the applied tax rate.
This will be very helpful especially when issuing a tax invoice and checking taxes.

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