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Code Breaker (Bulls and Cows) Code Breaker (Bulls and Cows) v1.0

Code Breaker (Bulls and Cows)
An old code-breaking paper and pencil game for two players, pre-dating the similar commercially marketed board game.

In this Android variant you can practice your mental code breaking skills in the 'Quick Play' section. Then challenge yourself in the 'Adventure' section, with 81 gold bars to be unlocked across 27 locked safes. There is also up to 162 gold bars hidden in Adventure.. if you can find them!

footballonsatellitetv footballonsatellitetv v1.0

Find your EPL fixtures on European Satellite TV. Very useful to find those must see 3pm Fixtures or games not shown in the your home countries standard TV offering. Invaluable if you have a motorised satellite system or even a fixed dish!

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