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AdjBrightness AdjBrightness v1.2.1.1


(If you don't know what root means here, DO NOT download it.)

Adjust screen brightness for *rooted* android device. Set the value from 2 ~ 255 just as you like. Auto restore brightness after screen on. Also can lock the brightness.
Save the battery!

DaCalc DaCalc v1.2.2.0

Calculate formulas like, x*(2+3)-y/5.

After input the values of variables x and y, you can get the result of the formula by pressing =.

It is easy to calculate like tips, tax and etc.

You can create your own formulas by click menu->edit, then save it. menu->load to use

DaysAndDate DaysAndDate v6.1.3.2

Calculate how many days between two dates, e.g., days to birthday; and the date before/after several days, e.g., what is the date after your baby has been born 100 days.

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