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Game Development(programming, 3d modeling, 3d animation) prefered Unity3d Engine.
Games. no sports :)

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Blow Blob Blow Blob v1.7

Reminiscing a 90's very popular non virtual game "Water Ring Toss".

Using Blow Fish as a Water Pumps to Toss does Rings and Shoots them to Seahorse Lurking Underwater.
Toss as many as you can as Time and Score depends on how good you are on Shooting Rings and Leaning your phone for a greater chance to succeed.

Dynamite Ants Dynamite Ants v2.3

Mobile Bombing is Now FREE!!!
Download now and have a Blast!!!

But Remember, "You Die! Get Ads!"

Get ready to bomb those ants that are trying to invade your land, Use your unique weapon's like Flies Head, Bug's Leg and Spider's Spinneret to crush those 13 different enemy ants before they overwhelm you. Upgrade your weapons by collecting sweets and explore the beautiful small worlds of ants!

Must Go To Work Must Go To Work v1.1

Whatever the situation is, you Must Go To Work!

Pharmacon Pharmacon v1.3

The only medicine that can fight multiple types of bacteria and germs!

Tetrobits Tetrobits v1.2

The world renown Brick Game is back! The game that reminisce our childhood days, with a cool new Bricks and new Mechanic Buttons that will Spice up the game we've known and loved, with improved controls and an all-new modernize Retina display Graphics perfect to attract new generation gamer's!

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