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Dolphin Webzine Dolphin Webzine v1.0

Bring elegance to web browsing:
*Display web content beautifully like a magazine.
*Cache content to be available offline
*With one tab, you can see all the latest articles of your favorite website, then another tap will take you the beautifully formatted page.
*You can select content from over 300 sources on topics including lifestyle, music, technology, business and many others including updates from Facebook and Twitter.

Google Services Google Services v2.1.2

Access Google services quickly.

MyPDF MyPDF v1.1

The best way to save WebPages.

Password Manager Lite Password Manager Lite v1.2

Save you passwords to login quickly

Screen Cut Screen Cut v1.1

Capture the entire webpage as screenshots

Shiny Shake Shiny Shake v1.1

Shake your Dolphin, shining your life.

YouTube Search YouTube Search v1.1

Quick search in YouTube

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