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Crimson Fields Crimson Fields v0.9 beta

A well known turn-based tactical war game.

Play against computer AI or your friends by e-mail.

Basic game controls: select unit, tap TWO! times on available hex to move, attack if possible, assign tasks to all of your units, press 'Back' key, select 'End Turn'.

You can define keys in 'Options' > 'Key Bindings'.

Tux Rider Tux Rider v1.0.3 beta

A port of well known 'Tux Racer' 3D game for Android platform.
Control penguin Tux, riding down a snow slope, with either accelerometer, trackball or dpad.
Collect fishes, earn scores and advance through nine unique levels!

ZXdroid ZXdroid v0.5.2

A ZX Spectrum emulator for Android based on FUSE.

Runs spectrum games in lots of formats including zip archives; supports dozen spectrum models; good graphics, anti-aliasing; high quality AY sound; hardware keys and touch controls.

Please leave feedbacks and bug reports at http://zxdroid.drodin.com, or mail them to zxdroid@drodin.com

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