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Software design and programming: C# and Java, photography, movies.

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Droid Clean Prank Droid Clean Prank v1.2.0

Let the Android bot wipe out complete phone screens with a vacuum cleaner! When touching the screen, the bot will move to that point and starts cleaning over there. Confuse your friends and family and have fun with the prank.

Easy Financial Calculator Easy Financial Calculator v1.3.3

Calculate tip amounts, discounts and savings and pay off schemes easily.

Easy Mortgage Calculator Easy Mortgage Calculator v1.3.0

Want to know what you have to pay for your mortgage? This app can help you!
-Various mortgage types are supported: amortization, interest only and linear mortgages.
-An annual oversight with average monthly payments per year is shown.

Hypotheek Berekenen Hypotheek Berekenen v1.6

Wilt u de bruto en netto hypotheeklasten weten van uw toekomstige woning of van uw nieuwe hypotheek? Dit kan met deze Hypotheek calculator!

Payback Calculator Payback Calculator v1.2.1

Are you and your friends puzzled what you should pay back to each other? No problem, the Payback Calculator will calculate it for you! Just fill in the names and amounts and press the Calculate button and e-mail your friends.

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