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Block Bounce Ball Block Bounce Ball v1.02

Rules of the "Block Bounce Ball" is easy. Simply touch the red target.
The ball bounce and various fixed block.
This block differs according to the stage.

Challenge 0to99 Challenge 0to99 v1.0

Challenge!! 99 !!
If you can find the numbers quickly, try it.

Dropping Monkeys Dropping Monkeys v2.5

Dropping Monkeys and Chameleons 3D - Play Together.
This game is the least drops a monkey to win the board game.
You can enjoy with family and friends. "Dropping Monkeys and Chameleons" app is for 2 to 6 people can be in order.
If you play the game alone, you can play with the CPU. The CPU will automatically play.
If you are lucky, you can continue to be a winner.
"Dropping Monkeys and Chameleons" app anytime, anywhere on the board game fun.
Have a good time.

Frog Jump Frog Jump v1

Frog jump !! The frog is very good at jumping. Enjoy jumping together !!

Hexa Block Puzzle Hexa Block Puzzle v1.4

Hexa Puzzle (Block Puzzle),

"Hexablock puzzle" differs from a regular square puzzle.
It is a game that uses hexagon block puzzle.

Jumping Frog Jumping Frog v2.0

Jumping frog 3D (Jump advance) .
Jump to challenge the best in a lot! App jumping frog is different from the style.

kidsABC kidsABC v1.51

ABC123 for kids.
Learning Alphabet, English word and number for Kids.

kidsABCWrite kidsABCWrite v1.35

abc Write for kids is free.
This is the app to practice writing the alphabet with the tip of your finger this app.

Monster Forest Monster Forest v1.2

Monster Forest is a defense game to prevent the attack of contaminated forest. This game can be enjoyed by anyone.

Removing Book Removing Book v1.1

"Removing book" is a game that quickly remove a book from below.
For a high score requires improvisation.

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