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Adventurous kid! Adventurous kid! v1.3

Games inspired by nature for curious, creative and adventurous kids.

Animal Voices Animal Voices v5.1

Fun and educational game for small children. Learn animals by their voices!

Boogies: Learn Colors Boogies: Learn Colors v1.1

Learning game for small children: learn colors together with Boogies - fun little funny sounds making creatures!

Building a Team Building a Team v1.1

Team development theory and 24 team building exercises for more efficient teams.

Dog breeds Dog breeds v1.3

For kids, parents, dog lovers and ones who are interested in getting a dog!

General Knowledge Quiz General Knowledge Quiz v1.0

Have fun learning with this general knowledge GK quiz!

How do I feel? (free) How do I feel? (free) v2

Learning app for small children - learn emotions and express how you feel!

Learn Body Parts! Learn Body Parts! v1.3

Friendly educational game for learning body parts by names and pictures

Learn Professions Learn Professions v1.0

Learn professions (educational game for kids)

Road Trip Game! Road Trip Game! v1.4

An entertainment for kids and parents during long and boring road trips - make travels fun!

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