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BMI and FAT Calculator BMI and FAT Calculator v1.2

The program calculates the BMI and body fat based on height, weight, age and gender. This calculates a BMI. The program uses BMI on to calculate body fat.

Easy Arm Workout Easy Arm Workout v1.1

Use your phone as weightlifting. You can add the additional weight of the arm (and register it on the app). You register phone brand, additional weight and the number of rounds to lift. The App will provide an animation when you lift and lower the phone, and count the number of rounds of specified weight. When you have reached your goal, it will presente the results with a total weight lifted.

A fun little app that can be used anywhere (e.g. the office).

My Daily Lucky Number My Daily Lucky Number v1.1

This will help you generate today's lucky number based on your information such as name, birth date and todays date. This can not of course guarantee a lucky number, but can be of help. Based on some old descriptions of Scandinavia. Worth to try. The luck number has a range from 1 to 100.

My Lucky Lotto Calculator My Lucky Lotto Calculator v1.0

The app is using an old Scandinavian success formula to generate numbers for the lottery. The app can not guarantee winning numbers, but who knows, maybe you get a little closer. A fun app that might bring you closer to happiness's. Good luck:)

Name Match 2012 Name Match 2012 v1.2

Calculate whether two people fit together based on first names. Based on an ancient Scandinavian love formula. This can be used to cross check the class lists as well as employee lists :)

Simple Shopping List Simple Shopping List v1.0

Simple Shopping List is an app that lets you easily keep track of your purchase plans. Ideal for everything from Christmas shopping for the weekly shopping. The point of the app is that it is easy to use, put items into the shopping list and group them. That's it. A group can represent a family (eg Christmas shopping), a particular day, a particular store, a person, and so on. How hard can it be:)

Ten Commandments Ten Commandments v1.0

Keep the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17) available on the phone all day long. With it you can look up your bids as you wish. With good conscience you carry them with you everywhere.

Word Party Word Party v4.0.4

Word Party is a fast and free SINGLE PLAYER and MULTI PLAYER word puzzle based on the best from SCRABBLE and WORD SEARCH. Use your brilliant word skills by construct the most scoring words, based on Scrabble rules. You and your opponent starts with the same collection of words, where you will compete to create the best words. Go for the gold (x3) and silver (x2) letters, and miscellaneous letters. The results will present to the world via the High Score list.

名稱匹配 名稱匹配 v1.0


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