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Clip Box Clip Box v1.0.4

Clip Box is a simple and easy app that manage Clipboard and save its history.

English Test English Test v1.5

You want to test your English grammar knowledge, try this App.

My Notes My Notes v1.2.1

My Note Plus (My Notes+) is a popular memo application.

Photo Encryption Photo Encryption v1.0

Encrypt/Decrypt your photos with a private key and keep them secure.

Photo Sketch Photo Sketch v2.5

Sketch Cooker is a simple app that sketch you photos easily and quickly in your favorite style.

Traffic Signs Traffic Signs v1.6

International Traffic Signs App helps you test your knowledge of defining the international traffic sign

صور ايجابية صور ايجابية v2.4

يحتوي التطبيق على العديد من الصور الابداعية الرائعة

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