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Favorite Animal Calls Favorite Animal Calls v1.3.0

Favorite hunting animal calls.

Favorite Frequencies Favorite Frequencies v3.2.0

Favorite Frequencies generates tones from 0 - 20000 Hz.

Favorite Instruments Favorite Instruments v2.1.0

Hit the instrument or shake phone to make a sound.

Bell, bike horn, cowbell, triangle, bass, snare, cymbal, gong, washboard, tambourine ...

Update 2.1.0:
- design

Favorite Quotes Favorite Quotes v1.7.0

Favorite Quotes has thousands of quotes grouped by category and author.

Favorite Recipes Favorite Recipes v2.4.1

Search thousands of recipes by ingredients, keywords and categories.

Favorite Stress Release Favorite Stress Release v2.1.0

Pass some time by taking out your stress on an android.

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