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B-52 Bomber B-52 Bomber v1.1

B-52 bomber - destroy ground targets

Find Tractor Find Tractor v1.0

Find Tractor is a simple game in which you have to find 3 tractors in 5 tries. There are 3 fields, tractors are always on different positions and you have to guess the right field.
Game is made for children from 2 to 5 years old.

Flying Santa Flying Santa v1.0

Flying Santa delivers presents!

Little Girl Little Girl v1.1

Little Girl catching butterflies!

Mission: Moon Mission: Moon v1.51

Mission:Moon is realistic space simulation of a rocket. You will find different missions like flying in windy weather, reaching the moon, landing on moon, deploying satellite into moon's orbit...

Silent Destroyer Silent Destroyer v1.0

Destroy enemy, defend your base and spawn an army!

Tractor: Build and Drive Tractor: Build and Drive v1.3

Build tractor with best performances and try to achieve different task with it.

Weather Alarm Weather Alarm v1.30

Real-time prediction of an incoming rainfall on your current location.

Weather Alarm is an application which runs in a background and warns you of an incoming precipitation, especially storms and hail.
Our main algorithm is based on real-time calculations of radar images of selected country and runs on our servers.

That give us ability to predict direction and speed of surrounding precipitation for a proximately 2 hours ahead.

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