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Archaeologist Archaeologist v1.0

Come and uncover the acient mysterious puzzles!

Architect Architect v1.3.3

Tidy those boxes, a challenge puzzle game! Boosting brain power!

Cave In puzzle Cave In puzzle v1.2.0

Help the girl out in a labyrinth cannot go back!

Cob Web Cob Web v1.2

A puzzle game untie the rings from twine.

Egg Parachute Egg Parachute v1.3.1

A funny gravity sensor adventure game.

Jumping Gem Jumping Gem v1.4

Peg solitaire like puzzles! 2500 puzzles waiting!

Laser Lab Laser Lab v1.2

Challenges logical and spatial thinking, shining light of wisdom!

LongBox LongBox v1.0.1

Challenge the limit of spatial thinking!

Matchstick Formula Matchstick Formula v1.4.0

Challenging childhood difficult puzzles! 4800 puzzles in total!

Out Of Control Out Of Control v1.3

Exciting 3D battle Game support Multi-Player and Global Rank!

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