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Best Ever Glee Quiz Best Ever Glee Quiz v1.0

This is to see if you Gleeks really know all about glee. If you think you know absolutely everything there is to know about one of the most sensational recent television shows, think again! This app is here to provide you with challenging questions covering all angles of one of the most loved television shows in the world. Compare results with fellow Gleeks to see who has what it takes to become the president of the fan club of one of the coolest clubs around! Try getting a perfect score,

Best Would You Prefer Game Best Would You Prefer Game v1.0

This game is a which would you prefer game. It will ask you which of two options you would prefer for yourself. Does it sound dull? Well, that's because you haven't seen the kind of dilemmas it will put you in. Which would you prefer? Getting hit in the shin with a baseball bat OR Getting hit in the face with tennis racket Sleeping on a bed of needles OR Sleeping in a swap with

British Geography Quiz British Geography Quiz v1.0

A quiz about the geography of the UK. Test how well you really know the United Kingdom. This quiz has some pretty interesting questions in it.Do you know which is the biggest river in the UK? Where is Snowdonia?Which is the biggest lake in the UK? Those are some of the questions appearing in this fun trivia.Test your knowledge about the geography of the United Kingdom, and earn your rights for winning an argument with your friends.

Choice Game Choice Game v1.0

How do you make decisions? What choices do you prefer? What would you do in certain situations? All this can be answered by taking the quiz below. This app will test you on your likes and dislikes, and what choices you will make in your life to determine what type of a person you are. How smart are you? Do you know the answer to these questions: How would you kill someone faster? How would you defeat your enemies? 2x2+4=? Attempt the quiz below!

Choosing Choices Choosing Choices v1.0

Would you prefer 'Spending an entire 24 hours in a desert without any drinks or food,' or 'Eating a pizza from the trash can?' 'Choosing Choices' is a wonderful application that asks you questions on what you prefer doing. 'Choosing Choices' is a game that anybody can play! This is an application that will keep you- and your friends- engrossed ! Do you think you are able to make these difficult choices? If so, download this app right away as there are many more situations in which you

Completely Random Trivia Completely Random Trivia v1.0

This is a fun little questionnaire that shows how smart you really are. It will put to the test how much general knowledge you really have about the world. It features fifteen exciting questions about our world. See if you can get a perfect score. Compare results with your friends and see who knows the most about our world as it is, and who has bragging rights on being the most knowledgeable person you know!

Courtney And Alex Show Quiz Courtney And Alex Show Quiz v1.0

Are you a fan of the Courtney and Alex Show? Do you believe you are the biggest fan? If so, there is only one way to prove it. Take the quiz below to determine whether you really know the show inside out. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try the quiz! Good luck!

Do You Know The News? Do You Know The News? v1.0

Do you know the news? Do you pride yourself on not being ignorant about what is going on in the world around you? Test your knowlegde of the historical news from all over the world with this fantastic and challenging app! Compare results with your friends to see who knows the most about the world we live in! The results may surprise you. Enjoy the fun game with questions like: Which city is the capital of Cuba? Which is India's official national sport? What is the speed of sound?

Early American History Trivia Early American History Trivia v1.0

Early American History Trivia, 1775 to 1865, revolution, civil war, history quiz, education, social studies. All these topics will be tested upon in the quiz below. This quiz is a great way to practice for a test and have fun at the same time! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a go! If you can answer questions like how many men did the Continental Army have when George Washington took command? and the Olive Branch Petition was meant to do what between the british and the

Either, Or? U Pick! Either, Or? U Pick! v1.0

An excellent iPhone app filled with would you rather questions that will leave you absolutely speechless! If you consider yourself a quick decision maker, this app is app-solutely perfect for you because it will give you difficult choices that you might eventually need to make in real life! What would you prefer? A year lost in Canada OR Running 150 miles in death valley Shark bites off your arm

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