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Back Camera Selfie Back Camera Selfie v1.6.9

Take a perfect selfie with hi-res back camera with the help of built-in voice guidance!

Back Camera Selfie Pro Back Camera Selfie Pro v1.0.1

App voice guides you to a perfect selfie with back camera.

Cam Talks Cam Talks v1.2.5

Turn your phone camera into real-time talking camera! Just point the camera at your's or friend's face and a speech bubble pops-up. Press the capture button and there you have a nice talking photo.

Enchanted Mirror Enchanted Mirror v1.2.3

Control the game by head-motion! Now with improved real-time motion sensing!

Hairstyle Mirror Hairstyle Mirror v1.3.9

Let your phone become a hairstyle mirror!

Look Like Puppy Look Like Puppy v1.3.1

Have great fun as you turn your family, friends or even boss into cute puppies or typical Australian animals.

Mustache Mirror Mustache Mirror v1.3.9

Try many cute and real mustache and beard LIVE!

Photo Talks Photo Talks v4.07

Spice up your photos with speech or picture bubbles, stickers, unique filters and frames.

Photo talks Christmas Photo talks Christmas v1.4

Turn your photos into lovely Christmas or New Years card in 10 different languages and with masks of Santa, Elf, Snowman, angel, reindeer,...

Photo talks Halloween Photo talks Halloween v1.3

Create a funny Halloween Greeting or Carneval, a meme or just have fun by adding masks and speech bubbles to your photos.

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