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Football players and clubs Football players and clubs v1.0

Application offer search and information about large number of players and clubs. This includes 100 000 + players and more then 10 000 + clubs.
Application covers basic information about players, including images and articles, statistics, total number of appearances and goals scored.

People Info People Info v1.2.5

People Info offer search over 1.2 million (1.200 000 +) living and deceased people.
You will be provided with basic information about people, including images, article, age, date of birth, date of death, etc.
You can also browse by people a giant dictionary of 35 000 + quotations.
Also, we will provide you link to web pages related to your search.

PopularPeople PopularPeople v2.0.2

Popular people is the best way to search for your favorite celebrity. Use

the search or browse the lists of celebrity directories and picture archive.

TopDogs TopDogs v1.3.0

If you want to buy a dog, and you don't know what breed to choose.
If you have a dog and want to know more about breed of your pet.
If you are passionate dog lover and want to know everything about every existing breed of dog.
If you want just quick info about breeds.

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