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CrocodileNote CrocodileNote v1.5

Protect your privacy: CrocodileNote for Android - Encrypt your private notes!

Egg Crusher Egg Crusher v3.2



Crush the eggs through chain reaction. Earn golden eggshells to unlock levels. Just play through the game... or prove that you can get all golden eggshells for minimum crush count! Achieve 100% completion.

You can play each level individually or just play through the game. Use the replay mode to analyze your last attempt. Select different board skins: default, black & white, and pacifier.

Geo Cascade Geo Cascade v3.1

AndroidTapp says: "Geo Cascade - ideal game for logic-loving puzzle fans!"
Android Rundown says: "Fun gameplay with engaging scoring system"
Android Quality Index: "Geo Cascade in Top 10 Android games and apps of December 2012!"
The Playandroid Magazine says: "Geo Cascade is a pleasantly colorful and fast-paced game"
AndroidShock says: "This cool mind-boggling puzzle is a perfect time killer!"

What Users say: "The most challenging chain reaction game ever", "Pretty addictive"

Round Thingies Round Thingies v1.0

A brain game that challenges your combination skills.

To Link To Link v1.2

'To Link' can be used through Android's capabilities to share text data between apps. Submit text to 'To Link' and it will try to linkify all plain text containing URLs, telephone numbers, mail addresses and locations.

Voice Mail Player Voice Mail Player v1.0

Voice Mail Player automatically plays audio and video files (audio part only) via your Android phone's ear-piece - like as you would take a phone call.

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