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Cat Live Wallpapper Cat Live Wallpapper v1.1

Free Cute Funny Cat Live Wallpaper.
Cute cat will tell you: “I love you” when you will touch his heart. Touch cat’s tail, cat will meows. Also funny cat can moves his head, tail, heart. Kitty is blinking and stamping one's feet.
Cat puts on nightcap In the evening but he doesn’t like to sleep. But when you will touch his nightcap he will simulate sleeping and snoring.
Cat says "I love you" in the day. In the night cat will be to snore only.

Dancing Purring Cat Free Dancing Purring Cat Free v1.0.3

Purring Dancing Cat Live Wallpaper. Free live wallpaper with dancing and funny cat purring. When you touch the cat’s belly, the cat will lie down on his back and will want to stroke him. When you stroke the cat, sweet kitty will be pleased purred. The cat purrs only when you stroke him. This funny cat likes to dance. Shake the phone and the cat will begin to dance. See how funny cat dance to the rhythm of music excellently! The kitten also moves nose and ears and funny shows its tongue.

Farting Dancing Baby Farting Dancing Baby v1.2

Farting Dancing Baby Live Wallpaper
Free animated wallpaper with the funny baby which burps, farts, laughs and dances on potty. True, this toddler is sweet and funny? Download wallpaper and see what the baby does. When you touch the leg of the baby and tickle him in leg, the toddler will be laughing. If you touch the baby’s belly, it will burp and fart. Shake the phone and the toddler starts dancing on the potty into the rhythm of the music.

Hamster Live Wallpapper Hamster Live Wallpapper v1.0

Free Funny Hamster Cracked Screen Live Wallpaper.
Funny, crazy hamster likes boxing. But, just try touch him.. Funny hamster makes cracked screen on your phone ;-)

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