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Buk Buk Buk Buk v1.5

Once upon time, some unknown magic trapped the birds into bubbles and the world become too sad. But a great wizard figured out a way to solve this, and had a magic that can free them. He figured out that giving you this magic will free the birds, but he needs you to do that work. BukBuk is a bubble game that will keep you enjoyed and entertained doing the wizard work.

Candy slice Candy slice v1.2

Slice candies by your finger, and enjoy candies juice!
*** How to play ***
* Swipe to play game.

Chokotukk Chokotukk v1.0

Help filling your factory with chocolate pieces, connect your chocolate and pop it and keep your factory working.

Shake and shoot Shake and shoot v1.13

After having a horrible day at work, you are trying to get some sleep, at just that time some really annoying birds are just too mean to leave you alone. You just want to be left alone to get some sleep.
The game will need the player to shake the mobile in order to scare the birds and force them to fly, only then the player can shoot those birds.

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