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Air Traffic Controller Air Traffic Controller v1.3

In this game you are an air traffic controller, not an artist drawing some stupid lines!
Stay always concentrated and guide the planes safely in the air. Try to land as much as possible until something is happening!

Cards'n'Dice Cards'n'Dice v1.0

This is a singleplayer cardgame.

You've got 6 stacks, each with 8 cards. Click on the dice in the middle. It shows you which stack is used for the next round. Pick a card you'll play, your opponent does the same. Who picks the highest card wins this round and get 2 points. If someone picks a ✰-card, this player can choose again.

If all stacks are emtpy the game is over. The player with the highest points wins.

Catch the Easter Eggs Catch the Easter Eggs v1.0

You've got 60 seconds to find and catch as much eggs as possible.
What will your Hi-Scores be?
Will you be better than you friends?

With this little game IZUware wishes everybody happy easter! :)

ClickDown ClickDown v1.1

* 60 Buttons
* each with a number
* search
* find
* click
* How fast will you be?!

* Updated to V 1.1

Color Jumper Color Jumper v1.0.1

Find a way to pass each color in the given order on this 5x5 field. Jump from one field to the other and if you want, jump over one field to reach the next field to make every color on this field glow.

Easter Bunny: The Egg Hunt Easter Bunny: The Egg Hunt v1.0

Help easter bunny on this jump&run to collect all lost eggs.

The bunny is jumping alone, your task is to move it to left or right. Tap on the right half of the screen to move the bunny to the right side, tap on the left to move it to the left side. The difficulty is, that the screen moves on its own, and from time to time its moving faster and faster.

Collect as much eggs as you can and beat your own score!

Have fun and happy easter everybody! :)

Financial Overview Financial Overview v1.1

With the help of Financial Overview you will now know at everytime how much money you've got left to spend.

Glow Code Glow Code v1.0

Do you like Minesweeper? Then you'll love Glow Code!

Halma Halma v1.7.1

This is a simple but addictive halma game for singleplayer, with 6 different boards to master.

Hexa-Decrease Hexa-Decrease v1.0

In this little game your task is, to decrease the numbers of all hexes to zero. Sounds easy? It isn't!

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