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Bookmarks in a list Widget Bookmarks in a list Widget v2.4

This is a simple widget that shows your bookmarks (from Android's stock browser or Google Chrome) as a scrollable list.
Only these two browsers are supported. If you use any of them to serf the internet, you might find this widget useful.

Contacts in a list widget Contacts in a list widget v3.3

This is a simple widget that shows your phone contacts (all, favorites-starred or any other group, including Skype, WhatsApp and Viber contacts) as a scrollable list. You can call or send SMS to any of your contacts (or start a chat for messaging contacts).
To install the widget, select "Contacts in a list widget" from the available widgets list.
For more info see the help page in the application.

Kids activities: Learn English Kids activities: Learn English v3.0

Kids Activities:Learn English through some easy exercises (mainly for kids).
This is a lite version of the "Kids Activities" (free) application, containing only the language exercises. English, Greek, French and German interface.

Silly Fish Live Wallpaper Silly Fish Live Wallpaper v1.6

This is a very simple live wallpaper, made just for fun.
Press on the screen to change direction of movement.

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