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Gravity Run: Spartan Gravity Run: Spartan v32.0

Ever wanted to take control of a Spartan soldier? Time has come to prove if you are worth it, run, jump and slide through mystery castles, throne rooms, dungeons and crypt bridges. All of that deep linked into post world war climate. Insanely addictive soundtrack and stunning graphics, will rock your phone and tablet.

Hangman Hangman v1.0

Classical retro hangman game, how many guesses YOU need?

Pyramid Dash Pyramid Dash v3.0

Did you ever wanted to see the pyramid from the inside?
Well, there is your chance, this guy is waiting for some action ! Run, jump and Slide as fast as you can and as far as you can and run through pyramid!.

Slingshot Slingshot v2.0

Aim, pull and shoot! Take control of the slingshot and pitch crows to get to the egg without breaking it.

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