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6 Lines 6 Lines v1.0

6 Lines is a simple yet addictive puzzle game.
It gives something to your brain, SWEET to chew on! If you want to test your IQ and enjoy endlessly,
6 Lines is Simple yet Addictive, Addictive puzzle meant for you.
How to play:
- Connect a flow from Green Dot to Red Dot at exact 6 Lines and create a flow
- Just watch time out for each flow
* Unique Concept
* Mind Relaxing sounds
* Smooth, polished touch interaction.

AG Drive 3D AG Drive 3D v1.0

Are you ready for a futuristic adrenaline racing?

Chuck Pebble Chuck Pebble v1.0

Chuck Pebble is a puzzle game with a simple game play to make all pebbles into same color.

Dress Up - Little Pet Salon Dress Up - Little Pet Salon v1.0

Welcome to Little Pet Salon, the world of little cute pets and you.

Easy Craft Easy Craft v1.0

KLAP brings one more easy way to teach crafts to your children.

Fab Salon Fab Salon v1.8

Are you bored of the regular hairstyles? Then you have come to the right place.

Head To Toe Head To Toe v1.0

First few lessons for a growing baby are to respond to questions about its various body parts.

Ice Cream Salon Ice Cream Salon v1.0

For most of us eating an ice cream is like creating a memory each time. So, with this app we have tried doing just that for you!

Impossible colors Impossible colors v1.0

Do you like Rubiks Cube and want to have one in your pocket? Then this game is for you.

Jerk Marble Jerk Marble v1.0

JILL is a lazy boy looking for a crazy puzzle game to break his boring and worst time killer.

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