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Java (Android), SQL, C#, ASP.NET, ...
Android Development, C#, Poker, White Water Kayaking

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After Call Actions Locale Plug-in After Call Actions Locale Plug-in v1.1.0.4

Plug-in for Locale (Tasker, Llama, Setting Profiles, ...) which allows you to perform tasks after incoming/outgoing phone calls.

b-noted b-noted v1.6.5.4

b-noted is a notepad app that makes it easy to create notes and organize them using folders, tags, color-labels and/or favorites.

Add comments, pictures, links, phone-numbers and much more to your notes, search them, export them to Dropbox, organize them. A note, memo, emails, messages, todo's, ideas, experiences and much more? Put them in b-noted, and never forget them again.

Your notes will become your digital memory and a valuable tool for your information management.

b-noted widget b-noted widget v1.0.0.1

homescreen widget for b-noted, requires b-noted to be installed

Call Monitor Locale Plug-in Call Monitor Locale Plug-in v1.0.0.3

Plug-in for Locale and/or Tasker (or other Android Automation Tools), which enables you to monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls.

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