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Finger Sports Finger Sports v1.5

Fitness you fingers on the work with colleagues, when the boss is not watching :)
There are 3 track options 1m, 5m, 10m.
Enjoy the game!

Freaky Bartender Freaky Bartender v1.0

Freaky Bartender is perfect game, when you want to get wasted with the friends. Freaky bartender mixes the drinks that you have at home to make cocktail. It provides you recipe for the cocktail and he randomly selects one of your friend who will drink it :)
Enjoy the game!!

Toilet Paper Running Toilet Paper Running v1.2

Toilet paper running!! Drag toilet paper as much us you want without getting killed by your colleagues or friends. In fact, you can compete with them who will drag more :)

Wit And Wager Wit And Wager v1.0

Wit and Wager is mixture of trivia game and poker. You provide and answer to specific question and still you can bet on somebody else answer and earn credits. The Game is based on Wits And Wagers Board Game.

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