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10 Minutes GCD lcm 10 Minutes GCD lcm v1.0.3

In '10 minutes with GCD and lcm' users can work the divisors and multiples across three levels :
- Level 1 : we work the factorization of numbers.
- Level 2 : we study the GCD.
- Level 3: we study the lcm.

If you choose the option 'Hand, you can work since the app.

10 Minutes Quadratic Equations 10 Minutes Quadratic Equations v1.0.1

In '10 minutes with quadratic equations' users can work with this type of equations.
If you work the ten diary minutes, you gradually notice how you will improve in maths.

10 Minutes Times Tables 10 Minutes Times Tables v1.0.3

In '10 minutes with times tables' users can work the times tables across three levels :
- Level 1 : multiplication of one-digit numbers times one-digit.
- Level 2 : multiplication of two-digit numbers times one-digit.
- Level 3: Multiplication of four-digit numbers times three-digit.

If you work the ten diary minutes, you gradually notice how you will improve in maths.

NEW: Option 'Hand' to work since the app.

Fast cloud Fast cloud v1.0.5

Cloudy is a happy cloud who wants to fly through the sky. You can help Cloudy in this beautiful and colorful adventure!

This app-game:
-Is a challenging endless and casual game.
-Have nice graphics to enjoy the adventure.
-Let show of your skills and match yourself.

V. 1.0.2. Now, Fast Cloud has math games to improve your skills. Practice the additions and the times tables.
V. 1.0.3. New language available: Spanish.

Jardin Jardin v1.0.14

JARDIN is a strategy game for two players.

Little Squares Little Squares v1.1.4

You have to convert all the orange squares. The rule is easy: you only can press the orange square that is adjacent to the blue one.

160 levels are ready for you in this FREE version.

✓ Last update: 20 new levels.

Ninja Numbers Ninja Numbers v1.0.3

Ninja Numbers is a game strategy and skill game.

You will become Ninja, whose goal is to collect all the stars he has lost. Along the way he will have to face other ninjas, closed doors, mechanisms, pools, ...

Last updated: Gameplay is improved.

pimij pimij v1.1.3

PimiJ is a nice sheep whose only goal is to eat a little green leaf.

Santa Times Tables Santa Times Tables v1.0.1

In 'Santa Times Tables', you can practice the times tables through games and activities.

Sistemas de Ecuaciones Sistemas de Ecuaciones v1.0.5

An app with many autogenerated systems of equations to practice.

Problems and exercises to solve.

And an autosolve program: write your system and get the solution.

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