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Classic Chess Classic Chess v1.7

Classic Chess is the best free Chess game on Android!

Classic Mahjong Classic Mahjong v2.6

Classic Mahjong is a collection of 19 solitaire games where
the player should remove all pieces from the game board.

Classic Reversi Classic Reversi v1.0

Classic Reversi, also named Othello, is a strategy board game.

FreeDoom FreeDoom v1.1

Doom is back!

Hacker Hacker v1.1

Is a logical puzzle game.
Connect the terminals to the server by rotating the tiles.

Logical Mazes Logical Mazes v2.1.2

Challenge your brain!

Marbles Solitaire Marbles Solitaire v1.0

The goal of this classic Marble Solitaire (also known as Peg Solitaire)
is to remove as many marbles as possible
by "jumping" one marble over another,
either horizontally or vertically.

Solitaire Solitaire v1.5

Simple and addictive solitaire collection.
Four games included: Regular, Spider, Freecell, Forty Thieves.

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