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AutoShare AutoShare v2.0

Share content like text, links or images via email, httppost, ftp or Dropbox without further user interaction. No need to enter the target email adress every time you want to share something. Like Google+ share your photos instantly after taking them (optional).

Knuddel's Lights Knuddel's Lights v1.31

An addictive little logic-switch game.

Try to solve as many puzzles as possible with only a minimum number of switches in the given time.

Knuddel's Minigolf Knuddel's Minigolf v1.52

Knuddel's Minigolf is a miniature-golf-game for the whole family.

36 raytraced minigolf-courses with 'Knuddel' (hero of my game Knuddel's Quest) and his friends. Beat the top worldwide players records or your own.

This is no simulation game but fun:
Hills, valleys and ramps ... Sand, speedups, teleports, magnets, barriers ...
Realtime shadows on the rolling and jumping ball!

Knuddel's Quest Knuddel's Quest v1.63

A puzzle-action game. Bobble ball hero "Knuddel" has been captured by aliens. Now he must escape from his prison through the alien space station. Avoid the bad monsters, their machines, pick up and use items, solve puzzles and much more. No easy task, but with good luck and some brain you will be able to reach freedom ...

50 levels for this FREE version.
Music and Profiles may be added later.

Knuddel's Swapper Knuddel's Swapper v1.23

This is a little puzzle game, where you have to swap pieces to destroy all equal pairs, ... Clear the field!
Try to beat the other players from all around the world and put your name on top of the highscore table!

This game is a test of some new functions to be used Knuddel's Quest FREE - a much better game than this one!

Labyrinth Labyrinth v1.0

Watch a simple labyrinth growing as your wallpaper (or app). Very simple. No settings.

MiniMinigolf MiniMinigolf v1.26

Play more minigolf on 18 new holes! Beat the top worldwide players records or your own.

MJpegViewer MJpegViewer v1.03

Watch mjpeg video streams on your phone!

Please reboot after installation before first start!

This enables you to open mjpeg video stream in the browser and watch it. Just open a link and watch the video. No longer an unknown, broken file will be downloaded. Also private password protected websites are supported.

picofday picofday v1.24

A new background picture every day!

This Live Wallpaper lets you select your daily wallpaper source and will automatically update your background image for you every day

PlasmaLiveWallpaper PlasmaLiveWallpaper v1.02

Colorful plasma retro demo effect.

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