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Balloon Collector Balloon Collector v1.3

Try to catch as many balloons as you can. Beware of the clouds.

Basic Rummy Basic Rummy v1.4

Rummy is a card game in which each player tries to lay down cards in groups.

Bee in the Rose Garden Bee in the Rose Garden v1.3

Use your memory and finger skills to help the worker bee to save flowers.

Beer Logic Beer Logic v1.3

Beer Logic is a logic puzzle game.

Card War Card War v1.3

War is a simple card game.

Crazy Eights Crazy Eights v1.4

Crazy Eights is a card game in which each player tries to get rid of his cards.

Do not get angry Do not get angry v1.2

Game is a variant of the board game Ludo.

Fleet Attack Fleet Attack v1.3

Place your ships on the board and begin the battle.

Four In A Line Four In A Line v1.5

Four in a line is a game where 2 players try to connect 4 pieces.

Mill Mill v1.2

Mill is a strategy board game also known as Nine Men's Morris.

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